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5 Popular Types of Carhartt Pants

Carhartt Pants is among the most common manufacturers of men’s work trousers. Carhartt also makes other quality work clothes like jeans, work boots, heavy duty coats, and more. And every pair of Carhartt trousers is stylish and practical, making them great for men, women, and children alike. To help you decide what kind of pants to wear, Carhartt has a few key styles:

The Original Boot. As the name implies, the Original Boot is a simple, straight-leg boot with a full pair of denim legs and a wide front tie-back. In addition to being great for work, the boot can be worn with a variety of jeans or leggings. Like the jeans variation, the boot runs small, on average, but can vary depending on the style of pants you opt for (some styles don’t run too small at the waistline). If you’re looking for a pair of carhartt pants that will stand up to a lot of wear and tear, the Original Boot is one of the best options.

Carhartt Work Boots. If your job calls for heavy duty, durable footwear, then this style of boot might be perfect for you. They come in several styles to accommodate a variety of tasks, including work boots, leather workers pants, and more. To make the boots feel even more rugged, carhartt pants made from denim are sometimes included.

Stretchy Front Leg Pant. If you have a naturally narrow thighs, you can always try a pair of carhartt pants with a slightly wider, stretchy front leg. This can make your legs look longer and your thighs look slimmer. These pants are very comfortable and will help you avoid any unnecessary back strain during your daily activities. Because they stretch out over time, the pants will not become too tight or lose their elasticity. Unfortunately, if you happen to have an extra wide thigh, the pants may not fit very well and appear to be constricting instead of stretching out your legs.

Soft Mid-Section. There is nothing like the soft feel of carhartt pant. Even if you happen to have a hard body type, the fabric will still feel wonderful on you. Although the fit of the pants might feel a bit odd at first because of the stiff fabric, it won’t take long for you to get used to having such a comfortable pair of pants. In fact, some of the designers specialize in creating pants just for the body types described above and these can be a great option if you have concerns about getting the right fit or are worried about durability or heat conduction.

Regular or Relaxed Fit. The regular fit is considered the standard by most people. However, there are some people who prefer the relaxed fit because it allows them to relax during their day without having to worry about their pants getting too loose while they walk around.

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