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How To Wear A Men’s Plaid Pants and Jackets With Style

One of the most definitive statements of style currently belongs to plaid pants. For men, their favorite wardrobe choices have always included these durable work trousers that can be dressed up or down depending upon the season and the current trends. These timeless classics have been considered the “in” thing for men’s style for quite some time. If you’re wondering how they’ve held on so long, here are a few key facts to know.

The basic pattern has been going through a few changes, but the basic layout remains the same. The most popular option is the checked plaid pants, which have been joined by a red and white checkered shirt. The checked style is showing in all different forms, from bright blue-green Cher Horowitz-style plaids to dark clashing variations. Plus, the checkered print continues to migrate to outerwear as well.

And while the traditional brown jacket still looks great with plaid pants, the color has become more subtle, allowing you to play up your warm weather suit or smart casual look without looking too ‘fussy.’ This subtle change has also allowed men to continue wearing t-shirts and jeans, as long as they opt for an off-white shirt instead of the checkered print. This new approach allows you to get the look you want without needing to follow a strict fashion set, while still looking sharp.

To complete this updated take on classic plaid pants outfits, think about accessories to round out the outfit. A lightweight leather jacket in a checkered style will look great with the shirt. You could wear a plaid shirt with a checkered tie, or a checkered shirt with a navy blue jacket in contrasting colors. Another option would be to pair the checkered plaid pants outfit with a v-neck sweater or a solid plaid pullover in a solid color. For even more versatility, pair plaid pants outfit with corduroy pants, or a cotton vest with a checkered patterned shirt.

Men’s plaid pants are always a safe bet, but this year’s hottest design is tartan pants. These timeless leg wear can be paired with almost any other basic top, such as a button down shirt or a V-neck t-shirt. Tartan tops work especially well when paired with plaid pants in an earthy shade of brown or black. Pair a plaid jacket with a crisp white shirt for a crisp autumn look, or dress up a basic blue Jean with a tartan plaid pants outfit for a festive holiday look. Whatever your style preference, the bright colors, simple patterns, and intricate detailing of this season’s hottest pants make it easy to make an outfit come together effortlessly.

Shopping for a great new pair of men’s plaid pants should be a fun and rewarding experience. The best way to find the perfect pair is to browse online for a collection of seasonal styles and then visit neighborhood stores in your area to try on a few different styles before committing to the purchase. Once you find the perfect match for your formal or informal needs, you will have an outfit that is practical, comfortable, and flattering, making it easy to make any man feel confident and well dressed during any occasion.

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