Smart Jeans - A Popular Choice for Women
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Smart Jeans – A Popular Choice for Women

Smart Jeans are quite an odd thing to find on this earth. The relatively new fashion statement that has emerged in recent years is called as Smart Jeans which is the abbreviation of the name of the label created by Philippe Starck. In fact the designer has launched a number of clothes based on the idea of cutting down the measurements of an individual while creating a perfect look for the person wearing it.

These jeans are made of tough material and one can say that they are very tough to wear. They are also very comfortable to wear as most people do not feel like wearing the clothes as the hip areas get a little moist after wearing the clothes for a day or two. As the term indicates, the product also reduces the waist by more than half an inch from one thigh to the other.

These jeans are not the kind of clothes that go in and out of fashion. This is true not only because they have been launched into the market but because they have been launched in a highly fashionable way as the collection was first launched with just the colours and the patterns of the neutral blue and navy blue, these were then kept in vogue for the initial couple of months then the bright hues of the fluorescent pink and orange were introduced along with the neutral shades of red and green.

These colors were actually introduced by a very famous fashion designer with a business called Vana, which is now owned by a private entity. These are considered to be the most popular shades of jeans due to their freshness and air of color. Another reason for their popularity is that they have never been so sought after as they were sold out before the actual launch.

Today these clothes are not only for wear at home and in the office but they are also worn for their own use when the kids grow up and the house starts to become too hot for them to bear. These pants are especially meant for such rainy days as they provide an air of coolness to the person wearing them and this keeps them relaxed and cool. This makes them quite ideal to wear during such rainy days.

Today, there is a wide choice of jeans available in the market. Depending on the pattern and design you have your choice of colors and the type of denim fabric you wish to wear. For a kind of simple and casual look you can choose light weight fabrics and for a more vibrant and brighter look you can choose heavier fabrics.

There are different styles in which the denim can be worn. Most of them have been designed with a tight waist band and are also made with a soft texture. These are usually to be worn with the jeans and when you wish to dress them up a bit you can wear the top without the waist band and pull the waist band to make them seem a bit longer and tighter.

For an informal occasion you can simply wear them with your jeans. You can also wear them with t-shirts or crewnecks to give them a sporty look. This will make you appear very feminine and as sexy as possible.

For a casual event you can go for the dark colored jeans, which will highlight the beautiful pair of dark jeans and give them an oriental look. The shoes that you wear with them should be simple and uncomplicated as this will make them look classy and trendy at the same time.

You can also go for the sophisticated look when you wear the jeans. The colors should be bold and bright to make the appearance seem a bit daring. However, if you wear the jeans with dark colored tops or shoes you can add a touch of class by wearing the pair of jeans with a dark shirt or a pair of shades.

The hip size of the wearer has an impact on the look that the jeans can have. In order to enhance the hip lines you can wear jeans with bigger hip size. Also, to add a little flare to your jeans, you can use the “rude green” color pattern which is available in a wide range of colors and it matches perfectly with the jeans.

The fit of the hip of the wearer also has an effect on the jeans that he or she wears. To enhance the hip lines you can choose the hues of the jeans that match with the hip of the wearer. The jeans should have a more loose fit as these tend to reduce the waistline making the hip look slimmer and the longer you wear them.

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