The Problem With Casual Pants For Girls

The Problem With Casual Pants For Girls

If you’re a guy, chances are that you already have a closet full of casual pants. But for many women, the problem isn’t with the clothes; it’s with how she chooses to wear them. So how do you know if your girl has a problem with casuals?

The biggest thing to watch out for is clothes that look too casual for the occasion they’re meant for. Any time you’re going to be in public it’s important to wear clothes that look great and will work when it comes time to get dressed. And that means both the clothes you put on and the way you carry them should be considered.

Women love to wear casual clothing, and nothing says “I’m not messing around” like a good pair of denim jeans or a gray button-down. But unless she can pull it off and not look like a hippie, you shouldn’t be dressing her up in these kinds of clothes. Casuals are made to be worn by the skinny guy who wants to look like he works in an office every day.

If she has cute buttons in her shirt, a collar made from rattan, or a striped tie, these items aren’t casual enough. For example, if the collar isn’t solid, it’s no different than a straight collar or a necktie made from fabric that looks like wool. But if it looks nice, you shouldn’t be limiting what it can be worn with. She’ll be able to wear them because she doesn’t want to look too smart, but it’s best not to wear them with a dress.

Another example is a shirt that’s a bit too short for a formal occasion. If it looks good, but she looks too casual for it, she’ll never be able to wear it. Sometimes it can be tough to tell whether a shirt looks like it would fit her if it were a little longer or a little shorter. But if shehas an item like this, she might need to go back to the store and buy a new one.

You can get away with putting these kinds of clothes on girls who have very slender bodies. A simple tank top is often all that’s needed for a day at the office. You can still get away with it, but when you’re shopping for something that’s more formal you should be able to pick up longer shirts that are better-fitting.

The rule of thumb is to avoid buying anything more formal than casual pants for a girl who isn’t a size 10. While it’s sometimes nice to be able to try something on to find out if it looks good, if you’re buying it online you can get a pretty good idea from the quality of the fabric and the construction of the shirt. If you can, pick up several different items to compare. The last thing you want is to have a great look and then find out you can’t wear it.

Remember that even if you think your girl doesn’t care about clothes, she does. Even though she wears them once and rarely changes them, they matter in some way. So take time to pick out something for her, even if it’s just a pair of shorts or a button down shirt.

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